Space Rush

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Expanding Space

This was my very first project named Expanding Space

We had to make our own designed game with 'Space' as its topic. This was difficult, but once we got started it was actually tons of fun!

This project started on 5 May of 2020. We got our teams together and were able to start on this project. My team was made of 3 game developers and 2 game artists. At first this was going to be difficult but in the end it was my favourite project.
We made a game called 'Space Rush'. In this game you have to deliver and help civilians on your spaceship te help them survive and stay positive.

If i had to choose i would do this project all over again, but now with more knowledge and experience.

Extra Information + Links


  • 3 Game Developers
  • 3 Game Artists

  • My Part:

  • Movement
  • Menu
  • Sounds
  • UI

  • Engine:

  • Unity - Version 2019.2.15f1

  • Links:


  • C#

  • Start Date: 06-05-2020
    End Date: 25-05-2020