Projects from 2022



Wall Climbing

This is the game that me and my team creating during our first period of internship. This was by far my favourite project due to the amount of teamwork.

Projects from 2021


Vertical Slice 2


This was my third project which i didnt enjoy as much as the other projects. Like the last project we had to choose and recreate a game, but the clock was ticking faster this time.


Unnamed VR game

This is my fourth project which was fun to make. This project was made by game developers only so the art isnt great.


Infiltrate: Babel

This is my fifth and longest project. This was also the same project which I learned the most from when it comes to code and knowlegde.

Operation StarFall

Unnamed Game

This is my sixth and most unique project. This project was made with twelve junior developers en two teachers.

POR project

VR UserInterface

This is my seventh and most creative project. I have made this project and my own and am still working on it.

Projects from 2020


Expanding Space

Space Rush

This was my very first project on my school. We had to make our own designed game with 'Space' as its topic. I enjoyed this project very much

Vertical Slice

Cup Head

This was my second school project which i enjoyed alot aswell. This time we had to choose a game from a list, and then had to recreate that game.