Project Information

Info and start


This is the project I made during my first internship for Game Development.

As one of my first projects ever done without any coaching, I am also very proud of this project.

Me and my team were asked to develop a game that would keep people active while working in their daily life. As a result we came with the game: Wall-Climbing. The name speaks for itself, but in this game we made several walls and levels where you have to make your way all the way to the top.

This project took quite some time and alot of work from both the artists and the developers, but now I can say we got a great prduct that is actually usable. Currently we are still updating the game every week, so the game keeps improving.

It was so much fun to create this game. There were moment we doubted if this game was going to work, but we kept going and were able to finish it.

Extra Information


  • 2 Game Developers
  • 3 Artists

  • Links:

    My part:

  • Coding
  • Design
  • Vr setup and coding
  • Level Building
  • Multiplayer
  • Voice Chat
  • Implementation of art

  • Engine:

  • Unity - Version 2021.1.7f1
  • Jetbrains Rider 2021.2.1

  • Hardware:

  • Pc/Laptop
  • Virtual Reality Glasses (Rift s, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest)

  • Language:

  • C#

  • Start Date: 22-02-2022
    End Date: 10-06-2022